AGPW rumors? 

Are “rumors” even possible for a company just starting to get organized and trying to get everything together to run Live Events?

“Arizona Independent Professional Wrestling  Legend” the Dark Rider disappeared from competition and “rode off into the sunset” sometime in late 2006 after proving everyone wrong. 

Despite holding numerous minor championships in several Independent Wrestling Companies throughout his career the Dark Rider was always told that he would never be a Heavyweight Champion because he did not fit the mold to be the “Face of any Pro Wrestling Company.”

However the Masked One won his first Heavyweight Championship in American Championship Wrestling (Ohio) in May 2005 when he defeated “Mad Dawg” Mercy and “Nightmare” Jimmie Lee, in a Triple Threat Match.

Dark Rider went on to win the Ohio Appalachian Wrestling Heavyweight Championship three months later in August 2005 defeating “Canadian Crusher” Brian Boucher.

By Winning two Heavyweight Championships he proved that he could win the big one, not once but twice, Dark Rider also defended both championships simutaniously while working full-time for both companies.

Dark Rider and OAW had a huge falling out over Rider’s contract not being honored by the company and Dark Rider decided to ride away from Pro Wrestling completely in December 2006.

Dark Rider never lost either of his Heavyweight Championships inside the ring. 

Rumor has it that the “Rough and Rugged” Dark Rider has contacted AGPW and is interested in being a part of AGPW’S GENESIS Championship Tournament. 

This is exciting news for AGPW if the “Dark Rider Rumors” are indeed true.