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Hebrews 6:10

New International Version (NIV)

10 God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.


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The following Devotion is from T.C. Stallings book “Playing on God’s Team.”

Check out for more information on this phenomenal 21 Week Devotional for building true Christian Athletes.

Are There Many Ways to Play on God’s Team?

There is only one way to play on God’s team—His way. Knowing that the game plan of Christ is the only one that will work for His team is an important aspect to grasp because we live in a world that tends to ignore this truth. Many people, rather than depending solely on the Bible’s instructions, have chosen to trust their own instincts when determining what Jesus will or will not accept from them.

This is how some athletes become what I like to call game-day Christians. They don’t really pray or read Scripture that much during the week, but on game day, that’s when God gets a lot of attention. I used to be like this myself. I wanted protection from injury, the vision on the field, and a victory all wrapped up in one big blessing. During the week, however, I just wanted my food blessed. I was not aware how silly it was for me to think that I could ignore Jesus all week long, and then—like a football genie— He’d grant all my game-day wishes just because I “believed in Him.”

No one can change what God’s Word says and has already defined as acceptable when it comes to membership on God’s team. Our earthly opinions will never replace God-breathed Scripture. As a Christian, the Bible alone—without twisting, manipulating, or tailoring it—must be our ultimate source of truth and guidance. The Bible is the only acceptable way to play for His team. All other methods fail if they try to replace or compromise God’s truth.

If life is the game, then the Bible is the perfect playbook. Without one, it is utterly impossible to play on God’s team.

When people accept Christ and join His team but then make a lifelong continued effort to play by their own rules, they’ll eventually become players He cannot use. By ignoring the game plan of God, you are cutting yourself off from the team.

Choosing to live by our own rules is like walking up to Jesus and saying, “I’m sorry, Coach. I love being on your team, but I just don’t like certain parts of your game plan. So I’ll just go with mine instead—but I’m still gonna need your blessings on my plans, Big Guy.”

A Christian athlete is defined by the fact that he or she strives to follow Christ each and every day, because for each of them every day is game day. 


The following Devotion is from T.C. Stallings book “Playing on God’s Team.”

Check out for more information on this phenomenal 21 Week Devotional for building true Christian Athletes.

Coaches Coach, Players Play

Many times, as players on God’s team, the toughest battles we face in the game of life are the ones against ourselves. We get in God’s way by not allowing Him to have His way. This is when we as players decide to take on the role of head coach. And in doing so, we replace God’s plan with our own.

Take a look at John 15:5 and notice the word remain. It indicates and identifies a challenging task for each and every one of us—to not only let Jesus take the lead, but also to allow Jesus to keep that lead at all times. John 15:5 also reveals a key condition for all of us who decide to play on God’s team: it is only through staying connected to God that the fruit-bearing occurs. He’s making it clear that we’ll never be able to accomplish anything meaningful for God without a connection to His Son.

Jesus knows that we may start off obeying His game plan but then be tempted to give up on it at some point. Jesus clearly warns that whenever we try to live according to our own set of rules, plans, or opinions, we are getting set to accomplish large amounts of nothing.


The following Devotion is from T.C. Stallings book “Playing on God’s Team.”

Check out for more information on this phenomenal 21 Week Devotional for building true Christian Athletes.

Let’s Set the Table

Team is defined as a “group of people working together on a specific task.” By definition, it is true to say that all Christians form a team. We are a group of people who are called by Jesus to work together with the common purpose of carrying out His will in the earth. With that understanding in mind, let’s continue by speaking a language all of us athletes can vibe with—let’s talk in terms of a team.

Since we as Christians are indeed a team, then we can say that God is our head coach, along with His Son Jesus (who saved us) and His Holy Spirit (who empowers us). Since teams are designed to participate in games, we can say that Christians play in the game of life. This game schedule is a tough and lengthy one, however—365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We never stop playing because life never stops happening.

More than that, we play against the same opponent each day. Satan’s team is powerful and determined. Their coach is crafty and clever. He is committed to his game plan of killing, stealing, and destroying (John 10:10). He’s playing to win, and he already has many victories. Take a look at today’s world and all the evil in it and you can clearly see how many lives he has impacted for the worse. Confidence when facing Satan can be hard to come by, which is why it is important that we always remember that “in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us” (Romans 8:37).

This is so powerful to understand! We are more than conquerors. What does that even mean? I decided to look up the word conqueror. What I found was that there were multiple definitions, but here’s the one I loved the most: “To be victorious.”

Romans 8:37 guarantees that even with all the power that Satan has in his arsenal, it is those of us on God’s team who will ultimately be victorious. God’s players will be the champions. There is nothing that can stop God’s game plan from succeeding in the lives of His players—except one thing. What can stop His plan?

His own players. How is this even possible? We can stop God’s plan in our lives by abandoning His plan and doing our own thing. Doing our own things means that we have abandoned God’s plan.


The following Devotion is from T.C. Stallings book “Playing on God’s Team.”

Check out for more information on this phenomenal 21 Week Devotional for building true Christian Athletes. 

Hear This First

In college I realized that following Jesus was a whole different ball game than simply believing in Him. Anyone can believe, but only true followers passionately pursue the will of God. They strive to let His Son take over their entire lives.

Watching SportsCenter, one morning, a segment praised various athletes for their constant display of courage, dedication, perseverance, strength, determination, will, and passion. This segment ended with one sportscaster saying something like, “These are the kind of players who all coaches want on their teams. They are winners. It’s no wonder they are usually the players who become champions.”

I was totally fired up after the show. I could clearly envision myself on that television screen being featured with all those athletes. I shared their same mind-set. I had the same kind of drive, that exact same kind of athletic will, and the same kind of passionate effort. I knew exactly why I was a successful college football player. It was because I gave my whole heart to the sport.

Reading 1 Corinthians 9:24–27, I imagined Jesus saying to me: “Sure, you are a great athlete, and, yes, you do play well in the games. Do you know why? It is because you do everything your college football coach tells you to do. You play with incredible passion! You give a tremendous amount of effort to the Louisville Cardinal Football team … but what do I get? What kind of effort do you give me? What kind of player are you on my team? How passionate of a player are you for me?”

By proclaiming the name of Christ as my Lord and Savior, I was also proclaiming my allegiance to God’s team. To play well for the Cardinals, it always took sacrifice, dedication, relentlessness, courage, and passion. It was now clear to me that playing on God’s team would require these same traits!

Team Jesus requires our best, it deserves our best, and it demands our best. Every player (or coach) on any team knows that poor effort will not produce victories. Well, playing on God’s team is no different. Poor spiritual effort will only lead to spiritual losses.

To play well in the game of life, I needed to give my spiritual head coach everything I had. I needed to put all of my effort into doing what He asked of me as a player on His team. Jesus will never fail and will perfectly do His part as a coach. It was up to me to do my part as a player, which would always require my best effort.


Legendary Pro Wrestling Referee; Tommy Young

Ladies and Gentlemen, in the world of Professional Wrestling, the referee is an authority figure present in or near the ring during matches. 
The referee’s purpose is similar to that of a referee in combat sports (such as in Boxing or as in Mixed Martial Arts) that is, s/he is an arbiter of the rules and regulations.

The referee is the person charged with rendering official decisions and official outcomes during Pro Wrestling events.

AGPW is excited to announce the signing of our first two referrees; Thor Kilgore and James “Bubba” Campbell.

More information on these two will follow in the weeks to come.